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Business Colleagues

There is a unique spark in each of us.

Sometimes we need a fire to ignite it.

Our Mission is to inspire & ignite your spark and

be part of your journey as you discover your true self

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Our Values


We are an organization driven by a sense of purpose and a clear focus on delivering impact with every life we touch. The three values are a part of our DNA and are expressed in our every interaction, every action.


Excellence श्रेष्‍ठता 

the quality of being very good

Empathy समानुभूति

the ability to imagine how another person is feeling

Equality समानता

everyone has the same rights and advantages

Our Four Cornerstones


The journey of a human being is a heroic endeavor. In our pursuit of building a life well-lived, we evolve, grow, experience pain, fight our limiting beliefs, and still keep moving forward. Based on our study of human behavior, we approach every interaction based on the following four cornerstones.

  1. Be AWARE of who you are and your connection with the outside world

  2. ACCEPT your strengths & weaknesses and believe you can change

  3. ALIGN with your growth journey, operate with authenticity, and create an intention

  4. ACHIEVE your goals and the balance between body, mind & spirit

Rows of Pillars

Our Founder - Utkarsh Narang

From successfully running his own private practice to transforming himself into a videographer and producing 150+ hours of world-class content, to leading the sales for a global leadership institute, Utkarsh operates with one mantra - 'Ancora Imparo' - an Italian phrase spoken by the great Renaissance genius, Michaelangelo, at the age of 87. It means 'Yet, I am Learning'.


He truly believes that our time on this planet is limited and to make the best use of the time, we should give our 100% to every moment and every interaction. A life and business coach, his mission in life is to touch a billion lives, positively.

What We Do

We truly believe that each one of us has greatness within us. 

Our objective is to be with you on that journey to discover

who you are and who you can be.



We partner with corporates, start-ups, and organizations, to build personalized, focused and goal-based coaching interventions for their human capital. We aim to help executives bring their best selves to life and leadership.

Image by NeONBRAND


We partner with schools, educational institutes, and parents to provide life skill training to children ~ the future of our planet. We aim to build empathy, resilience and a growth-mindset in our children.

All Hands In


We partner with non-profits, NGOs, and individuals working to drive social impact on our planet. We provide coaching, peer learning, guidance, and mentorship to help them succeed in their mission. 

Image by Paul Rysz

Join Us

We have a larger than life mission, of touching a billion lives positively, and we can't do it alone. We would love to have you be part of our journey as we work together to bring a positive shift and be there as individuals go on this journey of self-discovery.


As a coach, mentor, and guide, your responsibility is to be there for the other person. Sometimes just listen, with intent. If you are inspired to create a difference in the lives of others, click on the link below, fill the form, and someone from our team will be in touch.

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