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My purpose is to help individuals lead their best lives

Imagine rediscovering yourself in 5-weeks. A journey of finding your true self to achieve high performance in life. 

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The Digital Workshop will be spread over 5 weeks and will begin with a 60-min webinar, followed by 4 workshops each week.
The sessions will be held on Sunday mornings.

Online Workshops

We will have four online workshops.

Build Connection

Connect with your cohort and learn from each other.

Daily Check-in

A WhatsApp group for daily check-in and peer learning.

24/7 Support

If you have any questions, you will have 100% support.

What You Will Learn

You will go through a 4-week transformational journey with me and have 20 others in your cohort. With each of you motivated to grow, change and be more, we will create a powerful virtual experience for you, through breakout rooms and engaging activities.

Module 1 - Who Am I?

  ✔️  Build a personalized life wheel

  ✔️  Understand the importance of values and create a values-based life for yourself

  ✔️  Synthesize your own mission statement for life

Module 2 - Redefining Mindsets

  ✔️  Change - Is it the only truth? How can you embrace change better?

  ✔️  Learn to move from a Fixed to a Growth Mindset

  ✔️  Develop a problem-solving mindset

Module 3 - Rescripting Your Beliefs

  ✔️  Build awareness to your mental models

  ✔️  Understand the value of letting go

  ✔️  Reframe your limiting beliefs and empower yourself

Module 4 - Ignite Your Spark

  ✔️  Build awareness to the multi-faceted well being that needs your attention

  ✔️  Learn to take control of your life and build a winner's mindset using the 5A Framework

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What you will learn

Utkarsh Narang
Executive Coach
Founder, IgnitedNeurons

After disrupting the status quo for the last 15 years, I have truly found my calling in helping you design a life you want to live. In my work as an executive coach and facilitator, I have found that a life driven by values, with a clear expression of who you are is a life worth living. I have distilled my learnings into this program for you. Join me on this journey.

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