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We make the humans of your organisation better leaders of the world

We see life as infinity with you at the centre of it. Our focus is on you.

You as an individual. You as a team. You as an organisation.

Our Founder - Utkarsh Narang

About us

We are a global learning & development consultancy that partners with organisational leaders to bring the hunger of learning back to every individual and every team within an organisation.


Our core philosophy is steeped in one principle. Neurons that fire together wire together. Our name signifies what we can do for you - ignite your neurons so new connections can build, leading to behaviour change over time.


This one statement from Mahatma Gandhi drives our philosophy. “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

Featured Programs


It is a 6-month-long learning journey curated for young managers and first-time leaders to become the best version of themselves. It focuses on developing the person first and then helping them understand the nuances of people leadership and building the business.

Kitchen Meeting


Women are underrepresented in key decision-making roles across almost all industries in the workplace. While they are 50% of the population, they still don’t get their voice heard and create their own leadership journeys. This program focuses on building confidence, skillset and communication to help women leaders thrive.

Creative Working


This program focuses on coaching for founders to help them take their organisation from 0-100 in their desired time frame. Success for each founder and each startup is defined differently and we start by working directly with the founders to help them craft their vision, communicate it to the world, and build an organisation they can be proud of.

Fists in Solidarity

Our Values


Excel at whatever you do. Whether someone’s watching or not.


Equality in thought and action. No one is superior, and no one is inferior. We are all in the same storm, just different boats.


Engage with all your senses because, at this moment, the present is all you have.


Evolve and become better with every step. You might not know how the current moment impacts the future, so focus on improving.

Our Clients


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