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Rob Brundle

Rob Grundel has amassed a distinguished 13-year career, marked by his directorship of a London-based leadership and storytelling consultancy, alongside key roles as a principal in notable organisations like Anecdote, Corporate DNA, and Decoded. Renowned for his prowess as a program designer, world-class facilitator, and certified coach, Rob firmly believes that authentic leadership stems from self-awareness and self-acceptance.

My Story

Throughout his professional journey, Rob has accumulated a repertoire of notable achievements. He has provided consulting and coaching services to a multinational Swiss FMCG, significantly reducing innovation cycle time from 18 to 4 months. Rob has also developed and delivered bespoke leadership programs for multi-national beverage companies, guided facilitators at a UN-facing not-for-profit, and coached leadership teams across the UK and Australia within an international software company.

Rob's influence extends across industry leaders at renowned organisations such as Siemens, Adidas, Shell, Heineken, Mastercard, and many others. His commitment to empowering individuals and organisations through effective leadership and storytelling remains unwavering, making him a sought-after advisor in the professional realm.

Rob enjoys writing, running, swimming, and immersing himself in music outside his professional endeavours.



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