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Gurleen Baruah, Organizational Psychologist

With a background as an Organizational Psychologist, Gurleen Baruah brings a wealth of experience gained from collaborating with numerous Fortune 500 companies. Her professional journey has been characterised by a profound commitment to addressing business challenges through the lens of behavioural interventions. Gurleen's approach is rooted in delving deep into the heart of issues, meticulously uncovering root causes, and crafting bespoke solutions tailored to each client's unique needs.

My Story

Throughout her career, Gurleen has demonstrated versatility and expertise in delivering various behavioural solutions across both the public and private sectors. Her areas of specialisation encompass a broad spectrum, including organisational development and change management, psychometrics, cultural mapping, assessment centre design, and executive coaching.

Beyond her formal roles, Gurleen has lent her expertise to various soft skills workshops, covering topics vital to organisational success such as Effective Storytelling, Communication, team building, Leadership, Consultative Selling, Feedback Management, and more.

Gurleen's professional journey has seen her occupy key positions within renowned corporations, including serving as the Head of Learning & Development at OPPO, a Senior Human Capital Consultant at Chrysalis, and roles as a Psychometrics Consultant and Psychometrician at EY and Mettl Mercer, respectively.

Her dedication to excellence and ability to devise tailored solutions have positioned Gurleen as a trusted advisor for organizations seeking to optimise performance, enhance organizational culture, and foster talent development initiatives through strategic behavioural interventions.



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