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IgnitedNeurons is an endeavor to spread positivity.


Our mission is to positively impact a million lives and be a part of their journey as they discover themselves.

We live in an age when technology and competitiveness are leading to stress, anxiety, and Mental Health issues. We all aspire to pursue a life well lived, but it is easier said than done.


Together as a team, we can change that.

A few years ago, in 2016, we initiated Project Happiness. Since then, we have been having conversations with strangers on happiness and collecting each story on our social media handles. The synthesis of 400+ stories has given rise to some thought-provoking insights and actionable frameworks.

We are focussed on raising the happiness quotient, one heart at a time.

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Utkarsh Narang

Founder, IgnitedNeurons

A 15-year career spanning healthcare and education sectors in India and the US, Utkarsh has gone through three career transitions and led several cross-domain teams in tech startups and large-scale projects for top Fortune 500 companies.


Utkarsh is a true Polymath. A Generalist. At his core, he is a seeker looking for answers to the larger questions in life. What is happiness? Who am I? What am I seeking? How do we define success?

From an entrepreneurial journey operating and expanding a physical therapy private practice, to self-learning videography and producing 150+ hours of high-quality content and experimenting with life's larger quests, Utkarsh is a life long learner. He uniquely combines professional education with his leadership expertise to craft and deliver exceptional solutions.

Utkarsh holds a Bachelors' and Masters' degree in Physiotherapy. He is a Certified Happiness Coach and a NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) Coach.

Utkarsh is a life-long learner and a happiness seeker. He dreams of spreading the light of happiness and helping each one identify their best self, as a person and a professional.

A son. A husband. A brother.

And father of two wonderful boys.

His passion lies in helping people find their best & happiest self.

IgnitedNeurons Collage.png

During Project Happiness, our Founder, Utkarsh shot 400 portraits and listened with intent.


Every face has a story.

What's yours?

Image by Joshua Ness

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