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Metamorphosis ~ Our Last Chance.

Such a classical concept and yet very relevant today! What is happening is not just a reunion of families with family time, or amalgamation of modern concepts with ancient cognizance or the progression of hope beyond horizons but in reality it is the peeling of layers of humanity in response to an environmental stimulus! Which is exactly the concept of metamorphosis! The evolution of a tadpole into a frog and that of a caterpillar into a butterfly are steps designed by nature and they work flawlessly if the early life forms abide by the natures orders; in turn the nature provides the life forms with enough nourishment and correct stimuli to metamorphose into the adult form and meet their fate! If the caterpillar tries to come out of its cocoon before nature's signal, it will not survive to become a beautiful butterfly! It will not be able to visit different varieties of flowers over a period of time and would have lost the opportunity to live its life to haste!

We humans have received this incredibly precious opportunity to metamorphose into something that we were meant to be! In the rush to become wealthy or skinny or fair or educated or a world traveller we have forgotten our real fate. Its not about believing in destiny or karma; it is about knowing that there is a higher power within us that guides us if we let it! No place of worship is more sacred than our own soul! This metamorphosis is giving us the opportunity to dust off all the greed, the imitations, the layers of lies and most importantly expose ourselves to what really matters! ‘What does really matter?’ one might ask?! Well, destruction of nature, matters! And so does its reconstruction! And if we are not willing to do it, nature will take things into its own hands and reconstruct itself in the most subtle way!

Not even going into the discussion of if the virus was manufactured or its a naturally occurring microbe, let's focus on what we are doing to combat it now and what should be done to avoid such pandemics/calamities in the future. With all the medicinal breakthroughs and potential vaccines being made, it is time to zero-in on how these outbreaks can be prevented altogether! Or should we wait till there's no water left on the planet and then invent ways to make water in the lab? Or should we let all the ice caps melt and then figure out a way to live under water? Maybe when there is no clean air left to breathe we will invent ‘efficient’ oxygen masks to filter air or even better we will discover ways to recycle all the clothes/garbage/vehicles once there is no space left to walk on this planet?!

Sarcasm apart, we really need to wake up (well we needed to wake up a century ago) but now we really need to act on reconstructing the nature that has given us everything we need to survive on this planet. Instead of just environmentalists taking the lead we all should bring into our routine to be kind to nature like it has always been to us! Now it feels like it takes some extra moments to drop the empty paper cup in the garbage so we litter instead! But once we understand that disposing off garbage in bins is the only option as nature is meant to be clean, it will ultimately help us to sustain life on earth! Walking where we can (instead of driving), avoiding printing on paper as much as we can, using water conscientiously, not shopping for clothes when we can recycle old clothes to look new and avoiding plastic are some of the small changes we can make to have a big impact on restoring nature!

Bringing back the concept of metamorphosis of humans into higher life forms - the ones who recognise emotions and make them their strength, the ones that believe in spreading love, the ones that forgive each other and also forget instead of holding grudges, the ones that adapt a minimalistic lifestyle as its still enough to live comfortably, the ones who strive for the betterment of everyone and not just themselves, this is the time to do it! Every physics enthusiast (and even some non-enthusiasts) know that time is an illusion and still we want to run against time! We often complain that we do not have enough hours in the day to accomplish all that we want! So nature heard us and gifted us all the time we may need to to accomplish all that we want! Yes, we still have to work and cook and manage families but let's admit it, we do have more time on our hands than we ever did! If we can organise our days differently and find time to pursue all that we really wanted to do all these years - we know we can do it, now more than ever before! Of course there will be challenges here, some known and some unforeseen but thats true of any task!

The other day I dreamt of a world where everybody is considerate of the next person! A world where harmony is not just a concept but a norm! And where everyone is bound to each other by immeasurable love! Love that radiates through each other and helps the individual grow, uniting the whole world! I want this dream to be a reality!

Adversity does bring people together but only to create division once its combated! Let's not consider this current situation as an adversity, let's believe its an opportunity! An opportunity to rise above the odds and shine like the brightest star! The concept of infinity exists and this metamorphosis into a higher life form will take us closer to the infinitesimal Universe that exists! Are we going to cease this opportunity or just let it pass? Let's turn each other's expectations into paths to connect with each other - remember the legendary movie Avatar and how the blue beings are so deeply connected with each other and to nature? Lets develop that network and work on making it stronger each day!

Let's reach our fate of being the best allies of nature through the process of metamorphosis!


The article was first published on LinkedIn by Dr. Abha Chalpe Ghosh on May 3, 2020

Dr. Abha Chalpe Ghosh is a Ph.D. in Reproductive Endocrinology from The University of South Dakota, Sanford School of Medicine. She has a long-standing career as a research scientist but her belief that 'the packaging of the product is just as important as its content!' made her follow her passion on becoming a Marketing & Communications Manager. Personally, she is an avid adventurist and welcome collaborations for adventure sports and travel!

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